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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Lights And Tinsel Shiny!: Christmas joy with much gleeful moments! The merriment of this grand holiday which makes LJing quite slow for many, for everyone is having much happiness with family and relatives with giving of gifts and sharing smiles of each other's company. For me, the happiness and joy comes from just a free day without arguing and without problematic things to worry about. While our world may not be perfect in the times we're in right now, we can at least enjoy our time away from that and have a wonderful time on this glorious and wonderful day. Shiny presents! Full report on my Christmas festivities shall come eventually (just as soon as I stop fiddling around with my new presents and receiving phonecalls from relatives and the like!)

+ Mother Nature Shiny: Just as the title says, Mother Nature obviously loves me and has given me an unexpected Christmas present; it's been rainstorming all day today. Pretty darn shiny, that's what it is! 'Tis a good thing, because I'm a rain-lover and rain is the sign of good things to come. Yay!

+ Joy To The World, Shiny: Self-explanatory. I wish everyone happy holidays. Peace, love, and much joy. Also? Christmas clearance sale starts tomorrow. Meaning everyone returns their unwanted presents, which means getting other things cheaper than their actual price. Another shiny thing one must appreciate!

Cheers, all!
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