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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Sickness, Be Gone! Shiny: Due to the unfortunate illness I captured just after the holidays and the misery I endured during the time I was ill, everything is finally clearing up for me. It's gradually going away, but at least I am getting better. That, in itself, is shinier than all the shinies out there (for the time being, that is).

+ 'Not A Subliminal Message' Shiny: Brand new Ayumi Hamasaki music video, "Ladies Night"! ^_^ This is definitely got to be her best music video yet. The title of the song is misleading however makes tons of sense in context, because the message from the translation of the lyrics, as well as the concept of the video itself, is extremely powerful. Well, just watch and judge for yourself. Plus, the song is very upbeat, fun, and catchy! And I want those blue leg-thingies she has as well, gorrammit! So very shiny, Ayumi is. *must need MP3, like whoa*

+ Christmas SQUEEage Shiny: Have been thoroughly enjoying my gifts, oh yes. Shiny they are, indeed. And I have been rewatching Serenity over and over again. Hee!
Tags: fandom, rl on the dl
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