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Welcome, 2006!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Saying farewell to 2005 and welcoming the brand new year of 2006. Wow, has this past year gone by quickly or what? At least it seems that way to me, as if feels just like yesterday I was waiting for Serenity to arrive in the theaters and now it's suddenly New Years Day! Huh. Odd, eh?

I wish everyone out there a wonderful and safe evening of fun celebration! Careful not to get too drunk, now. Hopefully nobody has turned into wacky space monkeys and being all whirly-crazy, destructing property and acting like such babbling, bumbling bunch of baboons; and I certainly hope no one has turned into that slurring assholic guy drunker than a sailor and peeing on everybody's shoes....'cause that's one way to ruin a great time of fun. Anyways, have an amazing New Years celebration! ;)
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