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Random New Years Day Blah

So. It's windstorming, particularly harshly right now as it has been all day. Minimal rain showers in between, but mostly windstorms. Tree branches falling, trash cans rolling around on the roads, the usual stormy kind of weather. Friday it was just as bad, only gigantic thunderstorms all day and all night. I actually checked outside and in the backyard where there used to be grass, there stood a lake in its place.

We've been fortunate to not have a power outage, and I'm hoping this luck continues. For there aren't enough flashlights. Though we could light the fireplace, which would give us some romantic-kind of light, but still not enough for the entire house. *wishes she had more candles*

Definitely the storming kind of weather that makes me happy...although I am slightly worried about some family that had to go to work in these conditions. Especially with the wind acting all schizophrenic and Mother Nature PMSing on New Years Day.

But now I must eat something, for my stomach is growling in hunger. And then I shall watch Sherlock Holmes, and then maybe Battle Royale later this evening. Yay!
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