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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day (New Years Style!)

+ Celebration Shiny!: First day of the new year of 2006. Going relatively well, despite the massive desctructive weather conditions recently. New Years Day is more of a Relaxation Day, considering I slept in incredibly late from staying up way later than I had planned due to excitement and such. Of course, now all my favorite television shows have to return from the holiday hiatus with new episodes, which all have a later date, except for Medium, for a new episode airs tomorrow! Yay! Shiny, this New Year has begun.

+ New Years Resolution Shiny: Hardly ever do I make New Years Resolutions, because everyone genuinely breaks them anyway. However, I have made one resolution that I intend to keep: do well in college. Because college is shiny, therefore I must do well in order to move onward with life. Also, figure out what to major in.

+ Firecrackers Go Boom, Shiny: Even when it's raining, there's still firecrackers being popped on the eve of the first day of the New Year. Hee, so shiny.
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