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Medium: "Method to Madness" Episode Review

This was quite a doozy of an episode, especially being the second day of the beginning of the first week of the new year. Most series have quite a few weeks before their season is picked up again, so I'm glad Medium was first to start up. Now, on with this episode plotline and storytelling.

One of the things I appreciate with this show is that it follows a strict formula, one that every time I sit down and watch it I feel comforted knowing what's happening and where everything's going even if I haven't figured out the mystery or what is exactly is happening with the plot itself. Firstly, the mystery case with the "artist" selecting his victims to cut them as art was magnificently structured out into a majorly creepifying storyline, especially once Allison starts receiving his instincts (i.e. smoking the branded cigarettes, stalking the young attractive girls, drinking alcohol, etc.) Very creepifying and definitely throwing the audience off-guard with often questioning if Allison is going to commit a crime and murder a young woman or is it a mislead? Those sorts of twists and turns make the episode interesting, and certainly keeps you guessing. Also, I loved that the formula has that abrupt ending that most fans aren't too pleased with --- well, I'm pleased with it. The abrupt endings show that it isn't too formulated with that same happing ending, as it gives off this uncertainty because that's how real life is. There are no endings, because nothing ever ends. (And that was me, quoting from The Last Unicorn)

I loved the metaphors with the sociopath murderer being an artist of sorts, selecting an attractive young woman with beautiful skin as a canvas, and using scaples as a metaphor for paintbrushes in creating his "artwork"; and when Allison points out that he didn't kill the third victim because she had makeup on, because it would be like "painting art on an already painted on canvas" --- so morbidly poetic and beautifully descriptive, and it said something about how this murderer chose his victims. Carefully and so precisely.

The relationship with Allison and Joe, so much chemistry and so much in their marriage.....even when sometimes you think that Joe is being unreasonable with her, you have to understand that living with a medium, especially a medium that is in Allison's line of work, can be stressful and sometimes logic isn't necessary. Also, Joe was concerned over their children's safety and even though you want Allison to be with her girls it was safe to have them away when she was experiencing the episodes and periodic moments where she was living inside the dead!murderer's mind; receiving messages in her dreams and reliving the actual murders. It was unsafe.

Oh, and I love Allison's partner. He's too funny, and even when the DA is being skeptical of her sensing something wrong from time to time, he is thinking on taking her side the majority of the time. Kind of ironic, considering of their first meeting that he was a total skeptic of her being a medium.

Lovely episode, and the twist in the end with the misleading of Allison and the ME --- I loved it. The writer's know what their doing and they're doing it beautifully with intelligent dialogue and well-thought out storylines, and you can't say that about Ghost Whisperer with JLH, which while I watch every now and again I just cannot stand how much praise it's getting when there really isn't any substance in it. But people love it because JLH's character shows lost spirits to the light, whereas I love Patricia Arquette's reality-based and showing that she is a real woman with an extraordinary gift dealing with ordinary cases; she helps people with the help of the dead and her dreams and such. Oh yeah, and that Allison DuBois is based on a REAL PERSON who worked at the DA's office. But that's my personal opinion. I prefer Medium over GW anyday, because it's more real and that I ADORE Patricia Arquette. I also love how they show the real family life as opposed to the faked "7th Heaven" gag-worthy style of family life. But hey, that's just my personal view.

And that was me, babbling and venting my thoughts over the Medium VS. Ghost Whisperer charade that seems to be happening. I prefer my girl, Patricia, over JLH anyday.

But, anyway, intense episode. But next week's episode looks even intenser, with Allison wanting to get Ariel, her daughter, back from being missing; hell hath no fury like a mother's rage -- and they have Badger returning again!! And for those unfamiliar with Firefly, he'll be the that man with that fine hat. Hee!
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