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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Firefly, Wonder Woman), Eliza Dushku, Potterverse (GoF)

** Well, this'll be considered the Fandomosity's first segment of the new year of 2006. For those still wondering why in the hell do I continue on with this 'fandomosity' business, it's quite simple: to keep tabs on what's currently happening in my favorite fandoms, and more specifically things that friends and other folks can view if they are unavailable to go through certain websites and search for news links (to which I provide in these segments). At first it started as something to post while bored, but it quickly became a ritual of sorts, where I post a fandomosity segment once a week or so in order to allow the current news to flood in. So, that's a brief history of how 'Fandomosity' came to be, if anyone is actually interested in knowing about it. Now, onward with the first edition of the New Year!

-♠- Joss Lookin' For "The Girl": Beckinsale as Wonder Woman? Nothing's official, though it seems that Kate Beckinsale is another contender as a potential choice in portraying Wonder Woman. While there's thoughts and ponderings on the subject, I hold my ground and still want Morena Baccarin to play the glorious Wonder Woman. For those unfamiliar with Morena, she plays Inara Serra in Firefly and Serenity, and I believe she would be an excellent choice and, knowing Joss, he loves to recycle his actors in many of his projects. So, who knows? There's still high possibilities. Not that Kate Beckinsale isn't a good choice, but I would prefer to have our lovely Inara Serra as Wonder Woman. But that's just my love for Morena talking. *crosses fingers*

-♠- Can't Stop The Signal: The Signal has issued a January Bonus Show episode, which consists of live-readings of E-Mails from listeners, as well featuring Podcast411's interview with the two main hosts of The Signal, Les and Kari. Also, don't forget that season two of The Signal arrives on Febuary 1st!

-♠- "Just Like Ridin' A Biker": Q&A with Eliza Dushku, which has insightful and interesting tidbits of Eliza that fans may or may not have known before. Such as why she turned down the chance of a Faith spinoff series, why she was kicked out of Mormon girls' camp, and some information about her theatre production of Dog Sees Dog: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, the Off Broadway parody of "Peanuts". Shiny Q&A.

-♠- OMG, I Killed Harry Potter!: The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD to be released in High Definition. Also, here's a list of possible deleted scenes from the DVD, which are eight in all. Some sources say that the GOF DVD is arriving on March 7th; somewhat disheartening since it's incredibly early (much like the Serenity DVD), and it's still considered a rumor until the WB confirms it, but still shiny all in the same. Since, of course, it surpasses the $800 million mark and tops the international box office, so that could be a good thing, yes?

-♠- The Captain And Little Albatross: Not quite sure how old this interview is, but nevertheless, here's a video interview with Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau on U.K. TV promoting Serenity. Our lovely Captain Tightpants announces his love for the series and the movie, and predicts of what his character's fate may be if there is to be a trilogy of movies. Very cute little interview; it's nice to see our Big Damn Heroes in the spotlight. Hee.

-♠- Cavemen VS. Astronauts: Brand new promotional pictures of James Marsters' new film, 'Shadow Puppets' (which contains spoilers of the movie itself). Yes, you read that right. Shadow Puppets. As someone had said on the WHEDONesque comments, will the sequel to James' movie be called Juggling Geese? XD
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