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Craziness Ensues

Well, I saw Kill Bill, yet again for the third time since it came out. But this time I took my sister, who was deprived from one of her friends about the movie, so she decided to see it finally after being nagged on and on about it. I, on the other hand, was going to see the movie again whether she wanted to come along or not - it's a kickass movie, and I'll see it as many times as I can until the movie comes out on video rental or DVD, or until the second volume comes out in theaters in Feburary of 2004.

I got sick again at my dad's, after he was cooking some nauseating bacon in the kitchen. There's something awful about waking up to the smell of overcooked bacon (or bacon at all) without warning people, particularly me, first. Once taking a sniff in the air early this morning, I started coughing. It's not that I hate bacon, I just despise the smell of it, especially if I'm still sleeping and having a good dream about something that I can't remember because of the fucking bacon!!

My father is to blame for this. He's a goddamn bastard. Then again, who here already didn't know that? *shrugs*
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