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Fandom: Oscars of 2006

Jon Stewart is to host the Oscars this year! So very shiny, and this evening on The Daily Show he announced it to his audience and they were just as excited as I am. Hee, shiny!

Also, 'Brokeback Mountain' has earned multiple award nominations, four to be exact by the Screen Actors Guild, which is more than any film thus far. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are among the Best Actor and Supporting Actors of these nominated categories. The director, Ang Lee, was nominated for Best Film Director by the Directors Guild of America. This is truly exciting, considering that there's been some controversy in the past whether this film would do well in the Hollywood mainstream of Oscar-nominated films --- this just proves that nothing is impossible, and I am proud of this fact.

With that, I cannot wait for the Oscars!

ETA: (January 7th, 2006) Gene Shalit reviews negatively over 'Brokeback Mountain', calling Jake Gyllenhall's character, Jack, as a "sexual predator" who "tracks Ennis down and coaxes him into sporadic trysts." To which the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Deflamation got heated over his bizarre characterization and anti-gay comments. Nevertheless, Brokeback Mountain is receiving plenty of good reviews, and has been nominated dozens of times and has been named Best Picture from the L.A. Film Critics Association and New York Film Critics Circle.
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