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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Badger "Misapprehending My Purpose In Being Here" Shiny: Mark Sheppard, who played Badger in Firefly, appeared on this evening's episode of Medium. This would be his second time appearing on this show. Playing a bad villain of the 19th/20th century who appears as a spirit and being that little voice inside doctor's to chop up girls; persuading them to do murderous deeds. Majorly creepifying his character, so passively psychotic in that sane sense, if that is even possible. Love his accent, and I kept thinking of him as Badger.....and then Ariel would pull a River and imitate his accent. But, only in my dreams, right? Hee. Shiny evil Badger.

+ Lìngrén Jingyì Shiny: The Fireflyverse becomes a reality, as elementary classrooms in the U.S. start having the Chinese language taught to them. In short, the Foreign Relations Committee are considering a proposal to allocate $1.3 billion to boost Chinese language and culture classes in U.S. public schools. This is, by all means, absolutely brilliant and exciting! But, how come this wasn't around when I was in elementary school?! Of course, I understand the importance because of China continually a rising powerful empire --- let's just hope that there won't be any Alliance created, with a company entitled Blue Sun (but knowing our government and the people running it, there's a 50/50 chance it might happen, which is definitely not comforting). But this is extremely amazing that our country is becoming more bilingual! So very shiny.

+ Gorram Shiny!: The UK Serenity DVD cover. Jealousy? Me? Absolutely! Much better than our llamafied version, but I'm still giddy for all my friends over in the UK and in Australia that get this gorgeous coverart of the Big Damn Movie. SHINY COVER, OMG! *whimps in jealousy*
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