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House M.D.: "Failure to Communicate" Episode Review

First off, yay for House returning after the long holiday hiatus! Trust me, I was rewatching S1 on DVD during late evenings because it was getting frustrating to wait for so long to see a brand new episode. So, finally we have an all new one. And boy, was it a doozy. But a good doozy.

The Medical Case: Bibble-Babbly Gobbledygook Sort of Gibberish

Medical patient: man that started talking gibberish and in "code" after abruptly falling and harshly hitting his head. His wife, special guest-appearance by the woman who plays Alicia Fennel on VMars, thinks that it's all treatable and that he'll be fine. The husband, unfortunately, is hiding a secret from his wife. Something that could destroy their relationship. I found this case very interesting, and on the plus side I kept thinking of Alicia Fennel instead of her being the wife of the patient. Which is ironic, considering that the actress has been absent from VMars since Wallace had left. Perhaps this is what she was doing during those filming days? I don't know, but it was nice to see her again. In a very good role, too!

The Ducklings. Oh my goodness, it was hilarious seeing them flail about trying to figure out the case without House present. And Foreman attempting to be like House, failing miserably might I add, and getting into a little tiff with Chase in the beginning. And plus, Chase has a point. Foreman was assigned to watch after House, not the rest of them. This is why I believe that Foreman is a good doctor, not as a supervisor --- especially a supervisor of House, the snarkiest man in that damn hospital.

The Relationships: The Kinda-Almost and Snarking Continues

House and Stacy. I believe that, besides House/Wilson and House/Cuddy (and suddenly after that steamy episode, Cameron/Chase), I'm kind of rooting for House/Stacy at the moment. Admitting that I wasn't nearly a fan of her character in the beginning, however she seems to still be stuck on House just as House is stuck on her. And the preview for the next episode in Febuary looks intense! Medical case and relationship-wise combined. Whoa! I mean, yes she has a husband and should stay committed and all that, but I do sense that heartbreaking chemistry between them. Oh, and their kiss!

Still wanting House/Wilson with a side of House/Cuddy down the road, though. Hee. I just want House to be happy. Will he be happy with Stacy again? I don't know. All I know is that there's to be an episode with him naked, and that is what I'm waiting for. ^_^

The Pretty Shinys!

House with the annoying kid bouncing the ball against his chair. Hee! Loved that he stole the ball, which became part of his concentration skills when solving the puzzle of the medical case.

House being on speakerphone with the Ducklings. Much love!

"Hi honey, how are the kids?" Hee!! House + Wilson = love, like whoa.


Was not annoyed by Cameron this episode!

House diagnosing the people at the airport, and continually discussing Stacy's lack of cross-necklace because he knows something's up with her being with him all the time --- even though she supposedly cannot stand him. Cute, interesting, and very House-ish.

Ducklings being all confused and, well, helpless without House telling them what should be done. Love!

Chase saying, "everybody lies", imitating House. Because, as well all should know, that Chase is House's bitch. LOVE! Plus, Chase is fed up with the Foreman-being-in-charge situation, and wants House back. Aww!

House vandalizing the airport's property by writing on the walls as a substitute for a whiteboard. Hee!

Overall: I really liked this episode. At first I thought that House wasn't to be at all involved with the case, because he wasn't at the hospital. But of course, knowing House, he'll always find a way to get to his extreme puzzles that are medical cases. Liked Cameron this go-around, for she wasn't annoying as she normally is. Foreman is starting to not get on my nerves so much, and I'm hoping when House is free from being supervised that Foreman will understand that he is more needed as a doctor than as any authority above House (for now, at least.) Chase being all cute with defending House and his methods, not liking Foreman in charge. Cuddy being all sly, with House being just one step ahead of her (too cute, that conversation on the speakerphone!) Stacy getting some screentime and with House. Yeah, it was all good fun this episode.

Disappointed that the next episode won't be until February, OMG! They just came back with ONE episode after the hiatus and now they're waiting more weeks before another one! What gives, huh?!? Oh well. Back to S1 DVDs, then....
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