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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Gigglefest Shiny: iGod is possibly the best invention, like, ever! Chatting with God is like talking to someone on the highest amount of crack with mild schizophrenia and personality disorder. Seriously, God is the best to chat with, but he sucks at spelling at times. He even speaks ghetto, yo! It's high-larious of all things shiny this evening. Like, whoa.

+ Delicious Feast Shiny: Cooked a lovely meal this evening; filled my stomach good. Hee! Shiny.

+ Back-To-Back Popular Of Shiny: Recently I've been rewatching my season one Popular DVDs while digging/cleaning out my DVD shelf, and I've been watching the commentaries on certain episodes. Oh my goodness, they had so much fun while making this show! The cast and creators/directors that did the commentaries literally laughed out loud during certain scenes, and told stories that I almost fell off the chair because I was laughing so hard. Why was this show cancelled? I mean, listening to them with their virtual season three ideas and concepts --- Mary Cherry buying a Melrose-type place where everybody would be living in five years after high school graduation pursuing their careers, or Mary Cherry and Cherry Cherry losing all their money and having to live in the poor side of town. They totally should make a Popular movie reunion, because OMG!YAYness of teen pop-culture satireness. Shiny, shiny, shiny.
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