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Fandom: The Golden Globes

Spoilers for the winners be found underneath...amongst some squeeage.

Alrighty, since I didn't actually watch the entire Golden Globes from start to finish, I managed to catch the categories that I wanted, and the rest came from the Internet. So, here are the "Golden" highlights on the night, according to me anyway....

- Hugh Laurie won for Best Actor in a Drama Series! His acceptance speech was so cute, and with the "170 people" he'd like to thank, then pulling out the three pieces of paper randomly thanking people. Too cute. Much love, Hugh! You definitely deserved this award. :D :D

- Sandra Oh won for Grey's Anatomy! She was probably the most flustered in her speech than anyone else there. From her surprised reaction to not knowing how to get onto the stage! She was so cute. ♥

- Reese Witherspoon wins for her performance in Walk the Line.

- Evangeline Lilly looked gorgeous this evening in her fabulous green dress, as did Emmy Rossum in an elegant classic black with beautiful earrings (and a prepared without-taking-a-single-breath presenting speech that kicked lots of ass, in my personal opinion anyway. Really, she did a wonderful job at looking directly at the camera, and the audience, without flustering or messing up the lines).

And, oh yeah....

- 'Brokeback Mountain' wins Best Film Drama! Not only that, but BBM won for Best Screenplay and for Best Picture as well! And it also won in the Best Original Music category. ♥ YAY! Of course, was there any doubt? I didn't think so. ;D

So, yeah. That's about the it for me. Anything else shall be added, if I discover anything else that needs to be squeed on my part. But I think I pretty much covered all that I had seen (and read) so far.
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