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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ School Is Love, Y'All: Return of the spring college semester! Enrolled in all my chosen classes, and so far things are going well --- only problem is to buy the required textbooks because I already do have an English essay due this Thursday. Yep, today was the first day and already turning in assignments and deciding whether you're ready for that specific class or not. But hey, that's college for you. And I'm going to kick major academic ass this semester! Hardworking on the studying and less procrastination than I have been doing....but Lord knows I will be procrastinating here and there, or multi-tasking. Anywho, pretty shiny first day. Updates on the lovely college life later.

+ Mother Nature Shiny: Fortunately, Mother Nature has decided to make up for the lack of thunderstorming over the weekend to give us here in the Valley some heavy showers here and there. Plus dropping temperatures throughout the day, which shouldn't be all that shiny because I was unlucky to not bring my gloves today whilst roaming the campus. But oddly enough, it's shiny for me once seeing those dark clouds hovering above.

+ Good Day Shiny!: And I'm just having a wonderful day! So, yay, shiny day! ♥

+++ BONUS SHINY!: Eliza Dushku is to be on Conan O'Brien this evening!
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