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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Love To Dance Shiny: Due to my utter delight of my jazz dance college class this semester, I have been completely obsessing over it. I seriously am searching for my most danceable music to practice/train during class hours (and outside class hours), picking up the proper dancing shoes, and just randomly doing the recently learned dance movements and positions while shopping this evening. Even though I ache from warming up this passed Thursday in the class, I am thoroughly enjoying it --- and I just might be able to perform in a stage performance at another college later this semester! Totally shiny, as I am getting back to my dancer roots. Though I really wish Greg Edmonson's track of "River's Dance" on the Firefly soundtrack was just a little longer, because that would be absolutely perfect to practice with. Oh well. Best put it on "repeat" then.

+ Sleep Schedule Shiny: I have finally been able to keep track on my sleeping patterns to match with my school hours and studying hours outside of my classes. Shiny, indeed.

+ Friday Shiny!: Yay, it's Friday! And yay for sleeping in after long hours of aching muscles from yesterday's dance class.
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