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Fandom: Oh, Coulda Shoulda Prada, Honey!

NBC decides to drop 'West Wing' and 'Will & Grace'. Normally, I would be disappointed with certain networks for cancelling my favorite shows --- fortunately, NBC isn't FOX. Will and Grace lasted eight seasons since its series premiere back in 1998, and from there onward it became a successful phenomenon as the funnily openly gay-comedy on cable television; constantly pushing the envelope ever-so-slightly, enough to draw folks into it and to get away with certain things that now we don't see as a big deal, but back when it first premiered it was a huge deal. So, I see the show coming to an ending not as a horrible thing, but as a form of gratitude for its years of running time, entertaining audiences with the hilarious humor and dysfunctional relationship of these characters.

Also, one of the network reasoning for taking W&G off the air is due to poor ratings, this as well with West Wing. Plus, I think the creators knew this would be their final season. The bittersweet end to my beloved series will be sour, but at least it lasted longer than most series out there (i.e. most series on the bastard!network being FOX, that is.)
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