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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ "Creature of Extraordinary Grace" Shiny: Have I mentioned how much I absolutely, postively LOVE my dance class? Seriously, with the music and the many dance movements and the flowing grace of each step and motion....I shall swoon over this as the semester continues. I think I may have found my possible major. EEeee!

+ OMGWTFBBQOWNAGE Shiny!: Goodbye WB and UPN, hello to CW! Okay, so I'm practically the only person on this entire planet that was the last to find this out. But it seems that CBS and Warner Bros. are now combining together to create one network, and closing the WB/UPN networks. Dawn Ostroff, the UPN president, will become the president of entertainment at the new network; furthermore, she really really likes VMars, as I have heard. There's even some talk about a third season, so definitely yayness and shiny for this new change! Though, not all shows on both networks will transfer to this new network that will come to life sometime this fall. Luckily, VMars is on the top among others. So that's a good thing. Among this, I'm reverting back to the old school days where the WB mascot, the WB Frog, would be singing his song, "Duba-Duba-WB!"

+ It's French, Bitch! Shiny: Last night's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert mentioned fanfiction. Hee! Of course, he's completely a total fanboy because he admits (and has shown) how much of a LotR fan he is. So very shiny!

Brand new Veronica Mars episode tomorrow!

ETA: Apparently, this new merging of two networks may be concerning Joss to partake in a new lineup. According to Maureen Ryan, she suggests that CW should contact Joss for his amazing success with cult television shows. Sure, if only the CW network agrees to pick up the Fireflyverse in another series or mini-series medium, since FOX still owns full copyrights to the original series. Shiny as it would be for Joss to return to television, he's going to be pretty damned busy as it is with his current projects.
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