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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Veronica Mars Is Smarter Than Me, Shiny: She's back! Brand spankin' new VMars episode this evening, and the shiny just keeps on coming! The twisted kidnapping that Veronica was partaking in but playing that she wasn't and confusing the audience until the very end, definite whoa and totally Veronica. Lucy Lawless! Duncan naming his daughter Lilly, tribute to his sister. I thought that was cute. Veronica playing The Virgin Suicides soundtrack due to her "breakup" with Duncan. BACKUP!! Lamb, trying to impress the FBI agents. Keith/Veronica. Keith and Veronica confrontation (Keith's tears!) We finally get to know what was inside the fortune cookie that Duncan gave Veronica. Wallace is back, with a secret that'll get him framed as seen in the next episode. Duncan/Veronica is cute! Logan/Veronica tension is hot. Dick is amusing. Weevil and Logan teaming up, yay! Poor Duncan, though. Much love for Donut. Really, there are so many things to comment on with this episode. As wisdomeagle has mentioned, Duncan does take up jogging, and quite a complex run this was. Complex and so freaking aweseome! A full-lengthy review later. During the commericals, I finally saw the preview for Kristen Bell's new movie, The Pulse. Yes, another Japanese remake, but it doesn't look cheesy like other Americanized horror films are nowadays. This films actually looks creepifying, like whoa.

+ Mother Nature Is Shiny: Clouds are rolling in, and there's a possibility for rain tomorrow or Friday. Yay, shiny! Also, helpful because if it's raining after I get out of my dance class it'll be refreshing just to have the coldness after working for about an hour on movements.

+ "How Much Is That Geisha In The Window?" Shiny: Hee! Love you Nathan and your wackiness! Anyway, the German Serenity DVD is to be released, and the details of the features of the limited edition 2 disc set. Also, don'tcha just adore their DVD coverart? Granted it is just like the Australian ones, however the coloring has turned from blue to red. Still, so very shiny and more gorram prettier than ours!
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