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VMars: "Donut Run" Episode Review

This is the full-length review for last night's Veronica Mars episode, "Donut Run". Understandably there's plenty of talk after this hour of our beloved VMars, either in celebration or furthering the discussion of the episode itself. In this review, I am doing both.

The Case: Duncan Donut Takes Up Jogging, and Warrior Princess Xena Attempts To Follow Him!

This entire episode was about the incredible misleading of Duncan kidnapping his baby daughter, which the Mannings reported missing, and Veronica is assumed to be partaking in the planning of this kidnapping. Lamb plays another important role, but is doing whatever possible to bring down Veronica. Even though he'd caught her and Duncan breaking into the Manning's home but letting them go without punishment, and just sitting outside the Manning house watching them. Again, another possible mislead. Does Lamb really understand what the Mannings are doing to their children? Psychologically tormenting them into a religious binding and such? This is quite unclear, considering this position in this episode, but then again Lamb is trying to prove his position as sheriff in Neptune.

The starting of this episode definitely had me confused and misled until the truth was revealed as it neared the end. In retrospect, I should've seen that Veronica and Duncan's verbal confrontation in the middle of Neptune High's campus was faked, although I was caught up in this being a new episode that I completely forgot to look for the subtle clues to the mystery at hand. Once realizing that Duncan had run off with the baby, I wasn't convinced that Veronica had any part of the plan in kidnapping. At all. Kristen Bell, sweetheart, you SO deserve an Emmy for this performance; if not for "A Trip To The Dentist" or "Leave It To Beaver" of last season, this episode should win an award.

In the end as we find out that Veronica and Duncan planned this entire thing from the getgo --- the fight and breakup, Veronica playing innocent and giving Sheriff Lamb false locations to try and locate Duncan, etc. --- my jaw, literally, dropped in shock. Then I smiled, impressed with how everything played out. Both of them did whatever they could that Meg's last wish would be filled, which was to not let the Mannings have custody of the baby. From beginning to end, this episode really had me hooked. With its emotions, the amazing cast and the interactions between characters.

The Relationships: Rivals Become Friends, BFFs Reunite, Father/Daughter Confrontation, and First True Love Never Dies

Logan and Weevil -- The Dream Team: As witnessed in the last episode before the holiday hiatus, both Weevil and Logan are wanting to know the truth of who really killed Felix. It's interesting seeing the interact with each other, and we've seen them act civilly towards one another before from last season. Their tension comes from their financial backgrounds and getting into each other's turfs, but if something disrupts both their turfs they'll team up to figure out the mystery together. Plus, how could you NOT cut that tension with a knife? Seriously. Logan/Weevil, like whoa yo. Hee.

Veronica and Wallace -- Together Again: Eee, Wallace is back! His entrance in Veronica's room was hilarious! Oh my dear Wallace, how I've missed you so! And you've brought back a secret from Chicago....oh, naughty Wallace. Didn't you learn anything from Veronica? Bad Wallace, no cookie for you (well, perhaps a few ;D) Well, from the previews for next week it seems that Veronica and Wallace are back on the Sleuth P.I. Skills game, and everything'll work out. Hopefully, anyway.

Keith VS. Veronica -- The Ultimate Trust Broken: How much do I love Veronica and Keith together? Take their relationship to another level when Keith finds out that Veronica has been lying to him about being involved in the kidnapping plan, and he is literally crying in frustration with her. God, I LOVE Daddy Mars! "I will not be able to live without you" is his words, and I already I was teary-eyed. He is worried about her going to jail, and is attempting to protect her without breaking anymore laws. Wow. These two are simply amazing onscreen together; the best father-daughter relationship on television today.

Duncan/Veronica -- True Love Stories Never Have Endings: I have to say this upfront that I really like the Duncan/Veronica relationship, and this entire episode had me glued to the screen wondering if Duncan was the get away with his own daughter or get caught and the Mannings having custody of their granddaughter. At first I was truly convinced that they had broken up, but once I saw Veronica sneak into the abandoned apartment and she and Duncan kiss in relief, I smiled because, of course, it was all planned. I was saddened to see Duncan escape, but at the same time happy that neither he nor Veronica were caught. Though I am hearng some strange things from all over the Internet that this was Teddy Dunn's last episode in VMars? I hope this isn't so, because I love my Donut. While Logan/Veronica have that amazing chemsitry, so do Dunca and Veronica as well. I like both pairings, thank you very much.

The Glee!: The Shiny Pretties!

KEITH! Especially worried-parental-unit-oh-you-are-so-grounded-but-I-must-protect-you-from-all-badness-but-yeah-grounded!Keith. Hee, me love Daddy Mars.

WALLACE! Yay, our favorite BFF is back!

NO JACKIE!! YAY!! Although the actress is still in the opening credits. Grr, I hope she doesn't appear in next week's episode. If so, Wallace and Veronica'll go Revenge P.I. on her ass.

Celeste Kane, a.k.a. Mommie Sneeriest. I might not enjoy her character but you've got to admit, she's one of the cruelest of the Kane's.

Duncan naming his daughter Lilly, in remembrance of his sister. Awww!

Astrid, being part of the plan. Hee! Much love for the minor character reappearances. I wonder where Clemens went to? Or his son. I want to see more of them! And Mac. We need more Mac, and Cassidy. Mac/Cassidy. Yay!

Cordy!Kendall, bathrobe. 'Nuff said.

Veronica listening to The Virgin Suicides soundtrack whilst coping with her "breakup" with Duncan. Hee.

Weevil! Logan! Weevil/Logan, the ultimate dream team. HEE!!

Lucy Lawless!!!

More reveal/mystery of the Who Killed Felix dilemma. Yay! Oh, and Weevil gets a new tattoo. Hee! However, on the neck? Ouch!

Really, I praise those in the writing room and the direction this episode had because, dude, this really surprised me. Of course, with any VMars episode I'll find something to cling to that I loved about it --- and really, this whole episode I absolutely love.

Overall: Love, love, LOVE! Duncan Donut is running (or as wisdomeagle places it wonderfully, "jogging"); Veronica is semi-accused but plays her role flawlessly that fooled even me. Sheriff Lamb getting the smackdown and humiliation by the FBI and trumped by Veronica and Duncan's plan, Keith is LOVE, Wallace is BFF!LOVE, Weevil/Logan are Hot!Tension!Frienemy!LOVE, Vinny VanLowe PI is oh, so much hilarious much love in this episode, it's insane. The storyline, the planning, the characters. Everything. Love.

Cannot wait for the next episode. Where Veronica bugs a church confessional, and then says that she's "going directly to hell." Hee!!
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