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Fandomosity: VMars, Jossverse (Firefly), Potterisms (OotP)

-♠- Buffy, It Ain't: Here's a very positive review of 'Veronica Mars', and the article writer compares it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Lord knows that VMars fans are tired of hearing this comparison being told, but in a way its incredibly true.) And finally, this thorough little review really gets the point of Veronica, the heroine and the show combined: "Veronica's not a particularly nice person, but whenever there's an injustice, she does something about it. No magic or sword necessary. I think that's the core of what makes this often depressing show so addictive." This statement is completely and utterly true to what the show is all about, and I think some VMars fans are forgetting this fact. Overall, this overly positive article proves that Veronica Mars shines onscreen and speaks to a lot of people.

-♠- "A Slayer Slays Vampires, A Watcher..." "Watches?": Anthony Stewart Head's brand new film, Imagine Me and You is to open this weekend. In a summarized version of this film, it's generally about a woman getting married but suddenly realizes that she's fallen for someone else --- another woman. Anthony Stewart Head plays her father, and he appears in the official trailer (QuickTime 7 is required to view it, however.)

-♠- Fifth Year's The Charm: While there are some unidentifiable rumors floating about on the Internet, sources can confirm that rehearsals for the fifth movie have already begun. The official filming of Order of the Phoenix is to begin next month, thankfully. We're all hoping that mid-summer or so there will be production photos of how things are going, and perhaps a finished scene or two promotional picture.

-♠- Can't Take The Sky: Titan to publish Firefly Companion! Every single Browncoat out there in the 'verse probably has the Serenity: Official Visual Companion book --- and if you don't, why in the gorram hellfire haven't you? --- well, Titan Books will be publishing yet another addition to the lovely universe Joss created, this time putting together the first official Firefly companion book. Shiny! It is unclear when the release date will be, however I'm hoping it's be released sometime later this year, perhaps around Christmas or so. If not, than earlier. Because I am greedy and I needs my Firefly!
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