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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Sunday Lunar Shiny: Happy Chinese New Year, all! Celebrating the year of the dog. For those not in celebration of the Chinese New Year, then a Happy Sunday to you! For both things are of the shiny.

+ Day of Productive Work Shiny: Today was the day of end-of-weekend chores, such as laundry, taking down the remainings of the Christmas decorations (yes, I like to perserve the holiday spirit as long as possible), dishes, reorganizing DVD/CDs and getting my college homework done before I end up procrastinating. These things I am doing very well, and 'tis all shiny! Though I am still processing my rough draft English essay, but that's because I am proof-reading and adding in what my brainstorming paper has....if that makes any sorts of sense.

+ Mother Nature of Shiny: It's been overcast with dark clouds all day. Yesterday it was slightly raining, and news reports are saying the possibility for rainstorms sometime this week. Yay, shiny!
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