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Tru Calling - an perfectly excellent show that I am glad that I saw the series premiere for. Amazing characters and a get storyline and concept for the series (which I already knew of, but wanted to see the outcome of it). And, of course, Eliza Dushku portrayed Tru Davies awesomely. An outstanding acting job, with certain twists and a major casting idea. I can't wait for the next upcoming episode.

The show is kind of a Run, Lola, Run mixed with Groundhog Day, with a slight CSI thrown in there as well. The filming is great, with the flashbacks and the characteristics of everyone shining through - especially Eliza's character. Looking forward to seeing more of the show; particularly because it's an awesome concept and, obviously, Eliza's in it! ;)

Tomorrow morning I am going to rewatch it, as well as some episodes from my Buffy DVD collection and the last Angel episode that was on just last night. I'll be preoccupied until I have to go to school. Which that'll make my Halloween day even more fucking fun!
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