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Fandom: This is awesome....

Firefly Barbies.

Not as frightening as it sounds, mind you, just the our beloved Big Damn Heroes all adorablified into Barbies. Hee! There's even a Saffron (or YoSaffBridge) and Nandi in the mix, with cute outfits and everything! All they need now is a Badger, Niska, the Blue Hand Men, some Reavers, and Shepherd Book and everything will be set!

Me wants, but me cannot haves because, unfortunately, they aren't for sale. Woe. I want a Kaylee doll! And a River doll! And the Inara and Saffron, and everyone!

But there's another shiny thing about these dolls: they bring out the Wash/River in all of us, as Alan and Summer demonstrate their overly giddiness with their dollselves. Hee!
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