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VMars: "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle" Mini-Review

Tonight's brand new episode, in a shortened version of an upcoming full-length review. Regarding certain specific scenes that I found noticable.

First off, Weevil getting betrayed by his own gang? While I had my suspicions, I only thought one would be the mole, with a possible accomplice, and Weevil and the rest would lay the smackdown. But this was definitely an unexpected twist that I should've seen coming --- I winced as Weevil was getting beaten up. My thoughts on that entire situation? To sum it up into my ultimate reaction, I had that "Oh, Snap!" face. Poor Weevil. He needs Veronica more than ever now.

Speaking of the Weevil/Veronica....having him convince Veronica to bug the Catholic Church? Nice. With Veronica setting up the spy-video and saying, "I'm going straight to Hell?" Hee!

Weevil/Logan subtext. Hee!

Wallace and Veronica, the Partners in Crime BFFs is back in business! Yay!

Jackie is back. Ew, no. But wait, suddenly Jackie is part of the Veronica and Wallace circle of crime? And suddenly she's cool with Veronica and Wallace, and with them hanging out? The hell? I do not understand, since she and Veronica had been going at each others throats since the beginning of the season. So, what changed? Huh. Well, the preview for next week looks very, um, almost sympathizing for Jackie? I don't know. Ah!

Keith, being all sly at the sheriff's department. Hee. *loves on Keith*

Cliff!! HEE! And the bouncer that was in the previous episode helping out Veronica and the whole issue with Rashard's uncle and all. Very nice.

Overall in a quick roundup of my thoughts: HOT DAMN, that was an episode to enjoy.

Jackie getting PWNED by some chick? Freaking awesome! Even if Jackie is presumably the "good person" from this episode, doesn't mean I'm going to start liking her. Unless she redeems herself in some way, in something that wasn't a result in tonight's episode kind of way, then perhaps I may rethink her position. However, seeing her get what she deserves after all this time? NICE.

That is all.
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