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Trick or Treat!!


Today was the awesomest day ever! I got candy from all of my teachers, along with cookies and little Halloween cupcakes some students brought as well as the teachers. It was great. Right now I am extremely high and hyper because of all the candy - especially Pixie Sticks - I've eaten this afternoon. Only wish I would've done so this morning, because waking up an hour later than I usually do doesn't help with my schedule.

Anyways, there's going to be a Halloween Movie Marathon on SciFi tonight, if it hasn't started already. Too bad they're not showing the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I'm pretty sure they have on other channels earlier this week, but it would be fucking wicked to have them all on one right after the other all night long....just so I can freak my sister out. *smirk*

Oh well, I need more candy....chocolate!!
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