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VMars: "Rashard and Wallace Go To White Castle" Episode Review

The full-length review of the recent Veronica Mars episode.

The Case(s): Partners In Crime and Daddy Mars Investigates

This week, there were three cases being investigated. More than a usual VMars episode takes on, though that could be because there's at least three or four episodes left in this season. Anyway, the first case takes on scandal that Wallace unintentionally stumbled across while in Chicago. This was revealed during last week's episode, where Wallace had returned to Neptune to escape the horrendous hit-and-run that was committed by a fellow basketball teammate. Wallace was the passanger and witness, and regretfully didn't go to the police about the incident. This, unfortunately, lands him in trouble with his (former) friend, Rashard, and the other guys in the car falsely rats him as the driver of the accident. Wallace and Veronica spend the rest of the episode in investigating and trying to clear Wallace's name and getting him back into playing in the upcoming rival basketball game.

Rashard is that million-dollar "all that" kind of guy, with an uncle acting as his manager and overcontrolling father-figure, which bribed all the guys to blame Wallace. I figured that Wallace and Veronica had a plan to get this guy --- and having the bouncer/deputy at the club switch phones as a favor for Veronica? Sweet! As anyone would've seen last episode, the bouncer/deputy was at the police station and kind of flirted with Veronica and said that he would let her into the club anytime she came by. Nice little leeway for Veronica, especially with a case like this.

I was surprised to see Jackie becoming the "better person" in this episode. Playing the ice cold bitch (as she normally is, as witnessed in previous episodes), though it was all part of the plan to lure Rashard into the club and to retrieve the phone from his uncle. So, does this mean that bygones will be bygones with her and Veronica, or is their animosity still there? It's hard to say, though next week will probably answer my question.

Now, onto the first ongoing investigation being the Bus Crash Mystery, which Keith is now taking over. I found his sneaking around the sheriff's department (the way that Veronia would do it) was definitely nice to see. I kept saying, "Keith, you sly dog!" Hee! Gotta love that little secret compartment in the book, and the earpieces. Plus, Keith was doing exactly what Veronica did last season: listening to the police tapes while doing ordinary chores, and with flashbacks to the interrogation/interviews (and yay, the flashback effects have returned!) And the mystery with the rat connecting to who really did setup the bus crash. I have my theories, but that'll be later.

The second ongoing investigation this season is the mystery of Who Killed Felix? Weevil and the rest of the PCHers all thought it was Logan, however discovering his innocence Weevil and Logan had secretly teamed up to figure out which one of on the PCHers is working for the Fighting Fitzpatricks, which would ultimately reveal who really killed Felix on the bridge during the finale of last season. This leads to asking our lovely Veronica Mars to bug St. Mary's Catholic Church (in a hilarious little exchange at the resturant that Veronica works at.) Veronica agrees to do the deed, but when she returns with the spy-video tapes it seems that the priest, who is a Fitzpatrick, wasn't the one dealing with drugs. It was one of the PCHers, known as Thumper.

My reaction to Weevil getting betrayed by his gang? I winced, I prayed that he would be okay in the end (which he was), and I'm hoping that someone from the PCH group would leave Thumper's reign of the gang and help Weevil out. Unfortunately, from how everything played out with them beating poor Weevil out, the likeliness of that would be high luck. I knew that one of them was in business with the Fitzpatricks, though I wasn't prepared to have everyone against Weevil. I guess in hindsight, when Weevil is asking his boys if he was "still in charge." This proves that he, in fact, isn't anymore. Poor Weevil. And his motorcycle gets destroyed? Uncool. Weevil and his bike are OTP for life, man.

The Pretty Shinys!

Keith being all spying and wonderfully creative during his heist of the sheriff's station. Hee! Much love for Daddy Mars. Gotta love that man.


Logan and Weevil. Weevil and Logan. Partners in crime, the ultimate secret dream team.

Weevil's "king's crown" tattoo on his neck. Much love. Hee!

More investigation on the rat that was on the bus. With flashbacks, with Dick in those flashbacks saying, "I'm not a smellologist." I'm not a Dick fan, but dude, that is so totally quotable.

An English version of Namie Amuro's "Shine More" played during the party scene. Only, I cannot find that version anywhere! Still, HEE!! *is listening to Namie's version now*

Veronica bugging the church. Hee!

Veronica's hat!! I love her hat, and that's because it's cute. Sue me.

Overall: I enjoyed this episode. Veronica and Wallace being all Spy Detectives, Weevil and Logan teaming up, Keith investigating the case that he should've been a part of instead of Lamb, Jackie having that so-called redeeming quality even though I have my doubts because she doesn't deserve Wallace, and the "Oh Snap!" reaction I had when Weevil was getting the smackdown by his own gang. Yeah.

Still missing Duncan, though.
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