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VMars: Speculations and Thoughts, Ep. 2.12 and 2.13

My gathered thoughts, theories, and speculations from this passed week's episode as well as the possible theories for "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough" which premieres next week.

Concerning the entire entire bus crash phenomenon, Terence Cook and where Jackie fits into the picture that almost all Veronica Mars fans are trying to understand for next episode, I have my theories on why in next week's preview is all about Jackie and the animosity between her and Neptune High School. I think this has something to do with reputations surrounding Neptune, and the accusations mostly everyone makes when something horrible happens. That being said, I believe the reason why Jackie is proclaimed "the most hated girl in school" from the voiceover in the preview means that she, like Veronica of last season, is going to become the main 09er of hatred.

Remember at the end of 2.12 where Keith and Veronica are watching the news headline of Lamb arresting the possible suspect of the bus crash, being Terence Cook? Well, if Terence is being accused for partaking in the incident that means that Jackie, being his daughter, will be hated and accused as well amongst other Neptune residents. Just like Veronica had been once Keith had accused Jake Kane of murdering his own daughter --- her entire reputation plummeted. I think that's what's going to happen with Jackie, even though she really does deserve to be bitchslapped for her previous attitude and behavior since the beginning of this season and, really, what kind of reputation does she have in Neptune other than being a lying bitch?

With the rat on the bus that Keith is trying to figure out --- since nobody at the sheriff's department was doing anything in investigation, we're assuming --- we now have some new information. Who would want to intentionally kill all the poor kids from Neptune? If Terence Cook was involved, what possible motive could he have? Was he working for someone, or had an accomplice with a grudge against the non-09er kids at Neptune High? Veronica still assumes that she is a main possible cause and target for the incident. While I do think that Veronica is also key point in the bus crash as a victim, I also think that Keith is more on track with this case.

Weevil versus the PCHers. It was difficult to watch the ultimate betrayal of his boys, so I wonder what'll happen to him now. However with Thumper, while I do believe that he is working with the Fitzpatricks I do not believe he really killed Felix. Oh, and with Weevil beating up on "Curly"? That must've been a misunderstanding --- because if Weevil really did kill "Curly" then why would he have Veronica's name written on the palm of his hand? For whatever reason, I think Thumper just has this hostility over Weevil making nice with Logan Echolls, the one accused several times for killing Felix on the bridge, and figured that it was time to "correct" the gang into not following him. Suspicions and accusations erupt, and betrayal ensues as seen in the latest episode. Thumper may be in business with the Fighting Fitzpatricks, though I still think someone else killed Felix for a greater intention.

This season is really giving me a headache over the twists and turns, and the speculating that comes with it. And that's a good thing, believe me. This means that Rob Thomas is really working it out as a web of mysteries, which I like. A lot.

So, my speculation with Weevil is that he'll still be working with Logan in figuring out the Felix thing (if he thinks it's not over, as I think it isn't), and that he'll find another way to beat Thumper without getting even more hurt.

Mysterious Gia. We all know that Gia is practically just a ditzing newcomer to Neptune, playing all nice with Dick Casablancas and just being too girly for Veronica to be around (i.e. the slummer party she attended.) However, while Keith was listening to the interview audio tapes, and Lamb was asking questions to all those not on the bus before it crashed, Gia said something rather suspicious. She mentioned that her father warned her not to ride on the bus again, and claimed that he "must've been totally psychic" because it did smell like something had died --- thus, she got into the limo with Dick and the other 09ers. This leads me to wondering if Gia's father had known something terrible was to happen when returning back. For it must've been rigged whatever it was during their visit to the baseball stadium of their field trip. Plus, while Gia is slightly ditzy I think there's more to her, and her family, than meets the eye.

That's basically all that I have to mention with my thoughts for now. Although in future episodes, I really want to see the return of minor characters again. For instance, Mandy, Corny, Mac, Beaver (and perhaps Mac and Beaver together because, omgyay too cute!), Butters, Vice Principal(?) Clemens, and hell, even some appearances by other 09ers like Carrie and Madison. The wonders of Veronica Mars is seeing old acquaintances, like the bouncer/deputy friend Veronica made in the previous episode that helped her with the Wallace scandal. Minor, yet helpful and fun.

I finally saw the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest preview during Superbowl commercials. And the MacGyver commerical that I'd already downloaded this morning, and this incredibly adorable Budweiser commercial with the baby horse. Oh, and the LOST preview? Goodness.

I'm not even paying attention to the freaking game (because I really just don't care for it) but the commercials are priceless, even though some are pointless and stupid at times.
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