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Medium: "A Changed Man" Episode Review

Another compelling Medium episode, which drew many questions concerning ethical decisions of personal life versus doing the right thing. Also raising some more questions of Allison and her powers, and her family as well.

After suffering a minor concussion, Allison begins to slightly forget a few things and goes to get an MRI, which leads her to have strange and disturbing visions of a man she'd just met. These visions are of him cruising the streets late at night and picking up prostitues, taking them home, having sex with them, and then smothering them with a pillow. Allison then realizes that this man, the one that by first impressions seems like your average nice neighborly good guy, is the perp of these horrendous crimes. Throughout the episode, she then tries to prove that he did them --- running into complications along way, such as one of the ex-prostitutes that went missing since 1999 that is now his wife of five years. Things get confusing and emotional thereafter their first encounter, and the confession.

This episode really lets the audience question and ponder which is the right decision, because it is really about ethics rather than catching the rotten bad guy. The murderer of those women was the man Allison suspected, however he suffered a severe gunshot wound to his head after the ex-prostitute's pimp saved her from almost getting smothered and killed, too. "Jade", the girl's streetname, felt guilty and wanted to apologize --- but when she arrived at his hospital bedroom, he didn't remember her at all, or what else had happened. He didn't have any memory of his awful deeds or anything else. "Jade" started to visit him quite often, and then fell in love, and vice vera.

This storyline is really compelling and heartwenching, considering that nearing the end we've learned both sides of the story. Surely, Allison and the distrinct attorney should catch this guy and have justice upon the missing women in the desert. However, the man that had murdered and buried those young prostitutes doesn't exist anymore, not mentally. The physical form is there, but because of the memort loss he is a "changed man", as the title blatantly reveals. But neither he nor his wife, "Jade", knows of each other's pasts....until the very end, that is.

Allison made a decision, of course it was to stop the disturbing images in her head but also to give the past some rest as well. No matter how difficult and heartbreaking it would be to the two lovebirds with horrific pasts.

Another thing rose up in this episode, which is Allison's gift. After discovering the "peanut" in her brain from the MRI, often times concluding as a trigger found in those with epillepsy or suffering from hallucinations/voices that aren't there, Joe decides to perform a scientific analytical experiment where they can test their girls to see if they have the same "peanut" too. Because, as witnessed, both Ariel and Brigette have had episodes where they experience the same phenomenon that their mother does. Joe, being the scientist that he is, loves to construct these things. Whereas Allison doesn't think it's a good idea. However, Brigette wants to take the test, and they discover she has a "peanut" just like Allison. But when they test for Ariel, she doesn't have one. This disproves Joe's theory after all, to which Allison is relieved.

But this does bring up an interesting speculation.

Out of all the three girls, Ariel seems to possess more of Allison's gifts than Brigette (so far as we've seen, anyway.) Nevertheless, if that "peanut" had anything to do with their gifts, Ariel would've had one on her scan as well. But I noticed something when they were examining her X-Rays --- she didn't look thrilled at all. Of course, why would anyone feel comfortable in such a place? But still, her look and disconcerted expression definitely rings something of foretelling. I don't know, it's a consideration I have, as I try to focus on the little things, for they can reveal something that'll occur later in the series.

Overall, this episode wasn't as creepifying or disturbing as others, but it was real thought-provoking and intense. Especially with the visions/flashbacks. Still bummed that there wasn't a preview for the next episode.
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