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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Captain Of Snark Shiny: Brand new House this evening! It was delightful, after much withdrawal from having anything new, and oh so very hilarious. As this show usually is. Oh, and House was freaking nekkid shirtless, under the covers having lovely sex with Stacy. Joy! Yay! Wilson being all concerned BFF over the obviously-not-really-but-pretty affair between House and Stacy. Cameron didn't annoy me, though she was quite anal about her HIV testing (because, dude, why wouldn't you want to know if you had an STD transferred from a patient?) House is back in charge, Foreman got PWNED. Of course, he wasn't bitter, so yay to that. And Chase will no longer have to suffer the bickering between Foreman and House. The little girl in this episode reminded me of Dakota Fanning for some reason, and Mark is a complete jackass. But not in the awesome way House is. Poor House for choosing misery over beautiful sex love with Stacy. Poor Stacy for not choosing House before Mark could get underneath House's conscience. Yowza for Cuddy, and her complete snarkage at House. Just, YAYgasms! Seriously, could I love this show any more? It's possible, especially after seeing the preview for next week. But, yay. Shiny episode!

+ 'Lil Baby Stewart Shiny: Jon Stewart has a new baby daughter! Hence why yesterday there was no new Daily Show, because he was taking his newborn home from the hospital. On the Colbert Report, though, Stephen congratulated Jon with the new arrival. Hee! So, congratulations on the shiny and exciting news, Jon! You're to be a daddy....yet again! *squees in happiness*

+ Tuesday Of Shinys!: Just happy that it's a Tuesday, and that tomorrow I have no classes whatsoever, so sleeping in is another shiny thing! Whoo-hoo!
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