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VMars: "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough" Episode Mini-Review

Longer version of a review to come shortly. Nevertheless, here are my initial reactions to some of the events that happened in this evenings episode.

Jackie was basically more sympathetic in this episode and, as I had predicted, it seems that what happened to Veronica's reputation from last season is happening to Jackie. Granted, I still have no full love for the character --- however, seeing the buddy relationship between her and Veronica, it might not take a miracle if Jackie suddenly appeared to be not the bitchiest character this season. Kinda like Logan, in a way. He's still an asshole (always will be, no matter how fandom tries to "fluff" him up), however you like him. You have sympathy for him. That's what I think is developing in Jackie Cook's character.

Speaking of the Cook family, Terence Cook hanging out with Keith? That is, like Keith's dream with being a total fanboy of the baseball team! And the Keith and Terence team with clearing his name could work, however what if Terence was part of the setup of the bus crash? What happens then? Oh, I have much more speculations on this.

Mac/Cassidy. OMG TOO ADORABLE!!! Hand-holding, squeeing over geekdom stuff, and setting up Dick for being a complete jackass! Because, DUDE, how clever and slick was that? Dick getting some from transvestite. Nice! I think Mac and Cassidy will make an adorable couple. So squee! worthy. Hee!

Weevil and his niece. Aww! Plus, Weevil setting up Thumper and getting a new ride. But I'm betting that Thumper will be less than thrilled if he finds out Weevil set him up.

Veronica and Weevil in the end. How cute are they? Seriously. If they aren't partners in crime, they should just hookup already. They'd make pretty multi-ethnic babies. Hee! *is so loving Weevil/Veronica shippiness, like whoa*

Madison! Okay, dislike her character, but you've got to admit she's a hoot. Her expressions crack me up.

The Tritons were mentioned, and back with the streaking. Yay!

Principal Clemens trusting Veronica --- even he wants to take her advice. HEE.

This all took place within 24 hours (48, if you count the end.) Not bad for an episode. :)

Much love. Although nothing involved the plotpoint was revealed, it seemed like a typical fun VMars episode. Me likey.

Many folks are complaining that their UPN networks didn't show a preview for next week. Well, mine did. I saw it. HEE! Much love. No spoilers, for I'm not even sure (I didn't tape it, woe); however, it looks to be intense and something really big is to be revealed from the main mystery and plot of the season. Oh, and this chick from The OC is to be guest-starring. Didn't catch her name. Oh well.

But wouldn't it be awesome if, say, Morena Baccarin guest-starred on VMars? Or any other of the Fireflyverse's Big Damn Heroes? If Alyson, Charisma, and Joss guest-starred why can't they?

Yeah. Rambling. Fun episode. *g*
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