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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ OMGWTFPOLARBEARS Shiny: I cannot stop watching the 'Addicted To Lost' music video commerical that played during the Superbowl. It's an addictive commerical, pardon the pun. The '80s flashback-style of music, the random clips from both seasons, and just the entire thing was brilliant. Hee, the shiny is so much fun.

+ Nandi Lady Heather Strikes Back Shiny: Tonight's episode of CSI is featuring the return of Lady Heather, the dominatrix. Also known by Firefly fans as the character of Nandi. Her daughter was murdered. Vengeful!Lady Heather makes the episode really intriguing. Creepifying plotline? Hell yes! The ending, with the horrific sighting with the experimentation? Yeesh! Goodness, and the ending. Poor Lady Heather. Well, at least she was beating the freaking crap out of the bastard that killed her daughter, dominatrix-style. But good for Grissom for stopping her, and for comforting her before the episode ended. Shiny, all of it.

+ All That Jazz Shiny: Dance class equals shiny today. Worked hard, learned some new things. Yay for the shiny.
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