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VMars: "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough" Episode Review

I consider this episode a crossover between "Return of Kane" and "Clash of the Tritons" --- nothing revealing concerning the major plotline of this season, however entertaining and VMars-esque in the sarcasm and the very Columbo or Poriot-like way as in the first season. Some returning roles by minor characters, which we all like to see. And some hilarious jokes between Veronica and the school's facility members (i.e. being Mrs. Houser and Principal Clemens.)

The Case: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Winter Festival Carnival at Neptune High! Sounds exciting, right? Well, if it's the raise money for a senior field trip it just might be something enjoyable yet dreading at the same time. Veronica is helping out with the decorating and prepration of this carnival, raising the money that was to be collected for the field trip expenses. However, Mrs. Houser (also known as the Bitchiest and Most Superficial Teacher at Neptune High) hands Veronica the box after the Triton members run through the carnival streaking, as last seen during the episode "Clash of the Tritons" last season. Veronica hides the box of money, and when Mrs. Houser comes back to retrieve the box, however....dun, dun, DUN!'s missing. Someone obviously hijacked the locked metal box containing the money of the fundraiser. Mrs. Houser, of course, is less than happy and is blaming everybody --- including Veronica and Jackie. More specifically Jackie.

The previews made it sound as though this episode was the be focused mainly around Jackie, which is partially was. Jackie, after her father was named an alleged suspect in the bus crash incident, had become the Veronica Mars of Last Season; many of the students at Neptune High now despise Jackie because they think she's a traitor for something her father supposedly was involved in the murder of the students on the bus. Key word being "supposedly." This made Jackie become more sympathetic than she had been in previous episodes. Admittingly, I don't think she's pure bitch-evil as before, but she still hasn't won me over. However, I liked how tough she was in continually standing tall and letting herself be tormented at the carnival. She made herself vulnerable and, unlike Veronica, she doesn't get revenge. She just takes whatever they throw at her.

In the end of the Whodunit? with the stolen money, as always Veronica saves the day by revealing to true perps of the mystery. Of course, Weevil was iin on this too, but with good intentions of what happened to him in the last episode, which I enjoyed. I also liked how the entire Tritons storyline fitted perfectly with this episode, and Mrs. Houser getting PWNED not only by a student she despises (being Veronica), but also by Clemens as well. It's always been obvious that Mr. Clemens, while he may not enjoy Veronica getting in trouble all the time, admires Veronica in a way. His final line in this episode is, "This is a prime example of why I take the advice of....some students." He is looking directly at Veronica, which means that he respects her ways of solving the strange mysteries surrounding Neptune.

Which is why I like Clemens. He's a good guy and, while sometimes he may not trust Veronica, he respects her judgment and really does admire the work she does.

The Relationships: MaCassidy, Dicky Transvestite, Weevil/Veronica and Logan's New Playmate turned Plotline

Mac and Cassidy/Beaver: Seriously, how adorable are they together? Just seeing them holding hands at the carnival was just cute and squee worthy. At first it was suspicion that they would hookup, after their entire flirting/nervous interaction in one of the previous episodes. But there wasn't any doubt because Mac/Cassidy definitely works. They both got Moxy, like whoa. And this episode really finalized that they are, in fact, getting together. It's too sweet and cute! Just seeing Mac's smile, and when Veronica saw them together she had that expression on her face too. At first she questioned, but Mac's whimsical smile gave all the answers right there. Hee! But, of course, Dick had to spoil the fun by insulting their relationship. Boo, Dick. Nevertheless, both Beaver and Mac got their revenge in that geekdom kind of way. Again, with the cuteness! They're definitely the adorable OTP. Me loves them muchly. ♥

Dick Casablancas with Transvestite: Hilarious little stunt, pulled by the adorable duo of Beaver and Mac! Dick, naturally being the sex-crazed asshole that he is, got what should've been done LONG ago. But this really proves that Dick isn't very bright, or cautious at all. This also proves that Beaver is smarter than his brother, and probably will do worse to him in the future if he keeps pushing him around. But really, it was funny as hell!

Logan and Hannah: I'll admit right now that I like Hannah. I'm not going to putdown the character because, if most people in the fandom would've paid attention, this'll be a may plotpoint considering that her father is the plastic surgeon that accused Logan of killing Felix on the bridge, and he is a Fitzpatrick puppet. Plotpoint alert! Yes, Hannah did go after Logan because of his flirting and Logan was flirting intentionally and kissed her on the first date at the carnival and all --- perhaps because he misses Veronica --- however, maybe Logan has a plan. It's unclear for now, but that's my speculation. Still, I like Hannah. The actress playing her played the younger version of Allison Dubious on Medium, and did it very accurately.

Weevil and Veronica: Oh, how I do so love the Weevil/Veronica growing friendship/relationship. Prime example, in the very end after the fact that Veronica had known it was Weevil, and yet said nothing and confronted him the very next day:
Weevil: Is it your undying love for me or just old fashioned lust?
Veronica: Que?
Weevil: That kept you from turning me in?
Veronica: Love....of rollercoasters. And hatred of anything to do with wearing a sweater around my shoulders and being at sea with my classmates. Nothing to do with you.
She, of course, was smiling at Weevil at that last line. It's a well-known fact that Veronica and Weevil help each other out unconditionally, with sometimes with intentions, however they rely on one another. Again, me loves this pairing like whoa.

The Pretty Shinys!

Veronica's sarcasm. I just love her blatantly sarcasm, especially towards Mrs. Houser. "Ta-DA!" Hee.

Keith Mars! While not in this episode enough, and not a single one with Veronica, he does mention his Veronica in that adorable father-way when talking with Terence Cook. It was too cute. Aww!

Madison! Still an 09er bitch as she always will be, but she really is hilarious.

Mac and Cassidy!! Their love is so adorable OTP of cute. HEE!

Veronica's green leather jacket. Shallow shiny, but couldn't resist. :)

Weevil and his niece! Too cute, especially with the balloon. Although Weevil does do something to take advantage of the cute Powerpuff Girls backpack, it was too cute to see Weevil with a little young'un.

Glitter. Glitter. Glitter. Oh, did I mention glitter?

Weevil and Veronica. 'Nuff said.

Clemens, much love for the man. He and Veronica should start a fanclub of solving school-related crimes. What? It's a possibility!

Tritons mentioned, shown with the streaking. Yay!

Dick getting the karma that has been long overdue. Hee! Still hilarious.

Hannah. I like her, so sue me. She's a likeable character. And the flirting was cute. Hee.

Did I mention the glitter? Because, GLITTER!!

Overall: Enjoyable episode of Veronica Mars. Filled with hilarity, and still waiting for more to be revealed about the Big Damn Plot of this season. Granted, some will be revealed in the next episode....but according to the episode guide, there's only a few more episode left! Eep!
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