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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

++ Rose Is Rose: First and foremost, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Whether or not you have a sweetheart or can spend money on expensive gifts and fancy dinners, and whether or not you're just lounging about eating chocolates and watching daytime television, just know that this day requires not just love from a secret admirer or valentine, but by everyone you love and care for and vice versa. Friends, lovers, family, whoever you can spread the love to. Happy Valentine's, and stay shiny all! *hugs all around*

++ "You Created A Universe, Are You Not God?": The Joss-man speaks! Yes, the lovely Joss Whedon posts yet another enlightening update on WHEDONesque, featuring his natural wacky self and about his current projects, such has some possibilities for a Spike movie. While there hasn't been any news regarding a Serenity sequel, there's been a rumored thing going around from Kristin of E! Online that there might be resurrection of the universe on the new WB/UPN collaboration network, CW. These are uplifting and enthusiatic rumors, however I doubt this'll wind up being true since Joss is incredibly busy and hasn't said anything of the sort (as given from his recent post linkage above). Plus, Kristin from E! Online is hardly a reliable source. When Joss says, "We're flying again! On SereniFly!" then I'll believe it. Nevertheless, hearing from Joss (or Jah Sweden) is always a shiny thing. Be it late-night ramblings or other random updates.

ETA: Joss debunks CW resurrecting Firefly rumor, in which he goes on his wackiness of fun clear things up. Perhaps one day calling the new CW network the Country Western network, or possibly Completely Whedon network --- for all your space westerns and Whedony things. Yee-haw, and a bottle of rum. Hee!

++ Princess Of JPop: Exciting news for Ayumi Hamasaki fans, brand new PV for her new single, "Starin'"! The beginning and end have English dialogue, but the song itself is in Japanese; Aymui's vocals are incredibly strong and the song itself is addictive. Also? I want those shiny butterfly sparkling goggle-sunglasses. Hee, so shiny.
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