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House M.D.: "Distractions" Mini-Review

EEEE!! Brand new House!

Hee! House was high!! He was all naked in the shower, hallucinating and getting high off of whatever the hell that freaking anti-migraine drug was from his nemesis. But, omgyay House was high!!

I love Foreman. The end.

Chase was pretty, but not enough screentime! Boo. And Cameron didn't annoy me this episode. She's becoming lesser of an annoyance now, perhaps after realizing that she and House will never ever work and finally getting over him. Whatever. She was tolerable. Good Cameron, have a cookie.

Wilson suggesting "hire a hooker" when he wanted House to have a hobby besides stalking his nemesis --- and in the end House does get the hooker distraction. Hee. Aw, poor House.

Cuddy and her snarky and prettiness. Hee.

House sleeping on the floor while still having the migraine! And with the lights turned off, and Foreman playing friendly doctor for him. Awww!!

Me likey this episode. HEEE!!! House all nekkid and high. How come I like all my characters high? It's a thing. I dunno. But, still! :D :D :D

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