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House M.D.: "Distractions" Episode Review

At first I was frightened that House would be moving to Mondays permenantly (which is the Panic Attack! mode, considering FOX always moves series around when they are unsure about the ratings/their audience since they are the bastard!network that won't die) however when I saw that it'll be for one week only, I was ultimately relieved. Seriously, FOX, you are fucktards for cancelling MANY amazing shows. Don't push it now. Of course, if they do cancel House then I'm suggesting USA picks it up because, hell, they are already rerunning episodes on that channel. Just a thought to keep in mind.

So, anyway. On with the episode review!

The Medical Case: Flayed Patient, Hippie Parents And Anti-Migraine Acid

This week's patient was a teenage boy, who had an accident while riding a motorcycle dirtbike which some unexplained incident caused him to speed up and crash. He suffered many body burns that literally tore off most of his flesh from the chest down. I liked this patient better than others because every time House tries to speak with them, though reluctantly because he hates chatting with people, they always yell at him. Not that it isn't necessary, considering he is supposed to be a doctor they can trust when he's completely doing things unlike other medical doctors, but I get annoyed every time a patient yells at him. This time though, it wasn't the patient as he was under plenty of medication so he wouldn't feel any pain. It was the parents doing the yelling and such. Understandable, but that's because we know House and his mission: to solve the puzzle.

It was such a gruesome episode, given the maggots they willingly placed on his body to eat the dead flesh and watching the boy scream once House immediately awakened him for some answers of what happened before the accident. I mean, seeing and feeling the damage of what happened to you? Terrifying stuff.

Oh, and the parents giving their son weed to try? I don't know if this is a frightening thing or an awesome thing. But still, I was taken aback (in a good way, of course). But they were pretty naive in thinking that their teenage son would tell them everything. Even if he did tell them about getting drunk or losing his virginity, that's pretty dense if you think a child will tell their parents every single detail of the wrongs they are doing in their "rebelling" stage of their lives. Of course, House admits that he was wrong about the depression theory --- however, right that the kid wasn't telling the entire truth. The quitting smoking issue was pretty interesting, though I am questioning why the kid's father said he would "kill him" if he was smoking cigarettes, yet willingly gave him weed to smoke? That seems rather....illogical, especially for a parent.

Greggory House: The Snarktastic Addict

Thus, this episode really emphasises House's downward spiral of his addictions through experimenting with drugs. From vicodin to the anti-migraine injection to hallucinating in the bathroom --- excellent scene, might I add --- it really is setting up for the downfall of House's rationality. Wilson, of course, wasn't being helpful though I think that was the point of his (rather hilarious) entrance into his office; clanging the silverware into the sink loudly, speaking loudly, and lecturing him. He knows that House doesn't listen to reason well. So, fight back with a little more fire.

The injection of the anti-migraine medication was supposedly to prove his nemesis wrong, which he did. Painfully well, pun definitely intended here. Of course, the shower scene was a plus. Although, when I said before that Cameron didn't annoy me as much? I was semi-lying there. She came into the locker room looking for House, and when he told her he was hallucinating, she got angrily upset. Bite it, Cameron! You were all cracked out and had sex with Chase as a dying patient convinced you of doing so. You have no room to talk! Nevertheless, high!House? Trippy and much love.

I like my characters high and cracked out, okay? I liked high!Cameron better than regular old whiny Cameron, and high!House just tops the cake. Now all we need is Chase, Wilson, Foreman, and Cuddy to get high and it'll then it'll be an orgyfest of lovin'. Hee.

The Shiny Pretties!

House speaking Hindi!! Him studying the book in the beginning, with Foreman looking at him all weird and throwing the medical file in his lap. Genius beginning scene right there. Hee.

Much with the Foreman love. Hee! He is becoming more like House every episode, does it seem? Learns from the best.

House's outfit at the conference meeting with his nemesis, Wilson being all embarrassed with him asking questions (and talking notes), and his fake laugh. Again, with the genius scene.


House, mirgraine, sleeping on the floor of his office. Definitely was a hilarious moment. As well as him lying on the floor, the lights off, while doing the differential diagnosis with the Ducklings.


Shower/bathroom scene. House in towel. 'Nuff said.

"I see music." HEE!! *loves high!House*

House hired a hooker. House hired a hooker. Hee!

Overall: Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Though some folks over a TWoP thought this was the weakest episode and didn't get some things. Okay, first of all, how can you not understand the concept of this episode? Especially the hooker thing in the end? Wilson had suggested to him, quietly at the conference, to hire a hooker or anything other than what he was doing (which was being highly obnoxious and know-it-all to his nemesis). Of course, he shouldn't have taken it literally --- but Wilson and others have already told him he enjoyed being miserable, and he misses Stacy, and thus he hired a hooker. To rid the pain away. Smartest thing? Not really. But hey, it's House. He does things that others wouldn't approve of; this, apparently, being one of them. Also, this episode really gives more insight to House and his addictions to drugs and really sets up the mat for what's to come and his downward spiral.

So, I really enjoyed this hour of television. High!House being the highlight of the evening. Hee!

Unfortunately, there will be no new Veronica Mars for the next few weeks because it's being placed on hiatus. The reasoning possibly being for the Olympics being on, along with other shows airing during this time that may cause a rift in the VMars ratings. So whether sad or frustrated, it's a good sign if the network and Rob Thomas are taking precautions to perserve the wonderfulness that is of Veronica Mars, in hoping for a solid conclusion to this season and possibilities for a third season.

I also finally saw the commerical with the Medium/Apprentice hilarity, with Donald Trump waking Allison from her dream. Though the clips of Allison are from the series' pilot, it's hilarious.
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