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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Spontaneous Big Damn Pimpin' Shiny!: dawnydiesel is conducting a Firefly/Serenity Friending Meme. Meet other Browncoats just like you. Go and fill out the form, and pimp! /shameless pimping

+ "You Are My Passion For Life" Shiny: Watched the first beginning parts of Passions from Monday and Tuesday. I might possibly be doing reviews for them as they keep airing, which will be weekdays in the morning on the Sci-Fi Channel. Looking at the earlier settings, there's been drastic changes to the feel and atmosphere since the beginning and now currently. It's weird, yet I remember some storylines that'll come later on. Yes, it's an oddly addictive show. Also, the promotional commercials for it airing on the Sci-Fi Channel are totally wicked and shiny.

+ Happy Wednesday, Shiny: Cheers for it being Wednesday! Though there isn't a new Veronica Mars, there's the Daily Show which is all sorts of shiny right there. Hee!
Tags: fandom, firefly, rl on the dl
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