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It's fate calling to me.

I finally own both seasons of Tru Calling on DVD. I'm actually surprised it took me this long to get it, but I'm not complaining since I just rediscovered my love for this show. And Eliza, because she's gorgeous and hot and talented and awesome. Yes. Last night I popped in the first disc and watched to the second episode where MICHAEL TRUCCO guest-stars. Seeing him and Eliza together on my screen, I'm surprised the DVD didn't burn up from their hotness alone. Seriously. Needless to say I loved his character, not unlike Anders which is okay, though it makes me wish his character lasted longer into the rest of the series. Obviously because I'm shallow, but I think he would've been good for Tru for various reasons. Why, oh why did this show get cancelled?

This has me more excited for Dollhouse, since I can't wait to see what Eliza has in store for Echo.

And now the plotbunnies have me thinking of possible ways for a Heroes and Tru Calling crossover. I know, the parallels of fandoms can be found almost everywhere, but the mythological arcs of both series seem to have certain similarities, the same way I see BSG as well.
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It’s been an eventful past couple of weeks.

This weekend I saw Kill Bill vol. 2 for the third time with my sister, who had yet to see it. All was good until she was guessing what was going to happen at certain points – which is something that we do from time to time with movies or anything else. This is an awesome movie (combining both volumes), and Quentin Tarantino better get a goddamn award for this. The second installment summed up everything smoothly and it was, for a lack of a better description, a good happy ending. Revenge does pay off.

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New HP French trailer with a load of new scenes that makes any Harry Potter fan squee in delight. And I was, I was squeeing uncontrollably and I was hyperventilating with glee. That just made my day; this movie is going to fucking rock. Alfonso is awesome!

Anyway, saw Angel and the Tru Calling two-hour season finale. The Angel episode focused on Illyria who, in my opinion, is very sophisticated and primeval. Not to mention that Amy Acker looks amazingly hot in the Illyria wardrobe and makeup, and her acting is well done for the character of the ancient being. The preview for next weeks Angel looks good as well, but it’s sad that it’s all coming to an end after five successful years as a spin-off of BtvS.

Tru Calling was astonishing; the entire first season was wrapped up nicely. It makes you wonder if the network is going to pick the series up or not – I still haven’t forgiven FOX for canceling Dark Angel and Wonderfalls. But we’ll see.

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And yet another week is to come of school, but I predict that it’ll go by fast. Because this upcoming weekend on Sunday is the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone broadcast on ABC, where there is additional scenes added and the Daniel, Rupert and Emma host and talk about the Prisoner of Azkaban film! With EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen footage! *SQUEEEEE*

31 days left!